20120916-DSC_9372_cropSplin­tered in Her Head is an elec­tro rock band from Port­land, OR. Fans of The Cure, Depeche Mode and The Church will love them at first lis­ten, but the band is solid­ly 21st cen­tu­ry, sprin­kling dark glam DNA on fresh song­writ­ing and ener­getic performances.

The band’s music is world­ly, with US song­writ­ing and UK sounds incu­bat­ed in Japan. Con­ceived dur­ing a DJ res­i­den­cy in Cen­tral Tokyo, the band has a strong affin­i­ty for East Asia; front­man Micheal Pacheco speaks flu­ent Japan­ese and gui­tarist Ephraim Bano was raised in Hong Kong. Splin­tered brings it all home with buzzy key­boards, big gui­tars, and catchy lyrics.

I’ve toured the US, Europe, and Japan,” says Splin­tered in Her Head front­man Micheal Pacheco. “I love live the­ater, fash­ion, music, art… I believe that pas­sion, hard work, and humil­i­ty are essen­tial to success.

For me, it’s about those sweaty moments on stage when every­thing hurts and it feels like you’re fuck­ing the entire audi­ence at the same time. I want­ed to find oth­er musi­cians who felt the same way.”

The band’s per­for­mances fea­ture shades of IAMX and Depeche Mode, with an evolv­ing the­atri­cal­i­ty. Oth­er live influ­ences that include David Bowie, Tripp­ple Nipp­ples, and Nine Inch Nails mixed up with a dash of 1920s Hol­ly­wood glam. It’s fun, heavy, and raw. Dress or undress for the occa­sion. Wilkom­men. Youkoso. Wel­come to the show.

Micheal Pacheco: Vocals, Guitar
Steve Mal­lo­ry: Bass, Keyboards
Ephraim: Gui­tar, Keyboards
Matt Kos­ki: Drums